How does it work?

Our menu is released on Wednesdays and closed out on Sundays at NOON. 

Place your order, choose your pick up location, payment, and submit your order.

Your meals will be prepared on the following Tuesday and delivered to the pick-up location you choose by 3:30 pm. All meals must be picked up by that Saturday or they will be donated to someone in need. 


Where do I pick up my order?

When you place your order, you will be given a pick-up location option. Visit the pick-up location’s website, Facebook page, or call for business hours as they vary. The hours are listed under the location option as well. 

Can I customize my meals?

Our meals are prepared the same for everyone to enjoy.

I would like to hire the Seasoned Plate to cook for my special event or in large quantities.

Please call or email this special request, we would love to accommodate you!

What meal plan or diet does Seasoned Plate follow?

Our meals fit the guidelines of several plans. Many of them follow Weight Watchers, Optavia, Keto, Paleo, Allergen Free, Macros, etc. 

We offer a full nutritional panel as well as a list of ingredients for each meal for full disclosure of your dietary needs.

Can I freeze my meals?

YES! Many of our customers have frozen them up to 6 months and have enjoyed them, mentioning they tasted just as fresh as the day they were prepared!

My frozen meals have ice crystals on top of them.

They ARE NOT freezer burnt! Because we do not use flash freezing nor any preservatives, they will form little ice crystals. 

How do I contact Seasoned Plate?

Email: seasonedplatellc@gmail.com

Phone: 337-991-1045